The NEBRC: an NC...

Overview: The North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC) is a non-profit organisation working as part of the UK wide, Business Resilience International Management Network (BRIM). Established in 2019, the organisation brings together a unique partnership between the police, private sector, and academia to help North East businesses fight against cybercrime and online fraud.   In 2020 […]

The Art of Interviewing

Google ‘interviews’ and there is no shortage of advice, videos and adverts about how to manage and prepare for a good interview. But if you’re the interviewee.   Having sat on the other side of the table for pushing twenty years now (with this hat on) I thought it was about time I jot down […]

The Return of Hospitality

For a lot of businesses, Covid had completely put a spanner in the works. In March last year the pandemic plunged the hospitality sector into a long, long hibernation. While all had to close their doors to the public temporarily, sadly some have not re-opened. Now though, things are starting to return to normal, and […]

Favourite Things: Ashlea McConnell,...

Just before the outbreak of Coronavirus and the subsequent Lockdowns, I was invited to contribute to the Sheffield Telegraph’s ‘Favourite Things’ section.   Now, as the world starts to reopen and we are no longer restricted to the confides of our living rooms, I thought it was worth dusting off what made it onto my […]

Case Study – MAC...

Overview: MAC Construction Consultants appointed MK to help raise awareness of the MAC brand amongst key target audiences by identifying and engaging with the most relevant platforms – including social, media and web. The team was instructed to raise awareness of the skills, expertise and experience of the MAC team, as well as its national […]

If you go down...

Sheffield’s fabulous sculpture trail is back. And this year it’s all about the bears!   Following the success of the elephant trail in 2016 The Children’s Hospital Charity has taken to the streets of Sheffield once again this summer.   Bringing together businesses, communities, artists and schools, this creative and visionary public arts exhibition is […]

The hybrid workplace; a...

Over the past year most businesses were forced to shut down any in-office operations in favour of remote working while the country battled with the pandemic. However, in recent months, and thanks to the valiant efforts of the NHS and volunteers to deliver on the vaccine roll out, many have started to introduce a hybrid […]

Sheffield’s Industrial Transformation

To celebrate last months’ local and community history month, our Junior Account Executive, Isabella Storey, reflects on Sheffield’s industrial history. When you think of Sheffield, many will see refer to it as the ‘Steel City’, arousing images of looming factories in a desolate northern city. If we travel back to the beginning of Sheffield’s famous […]

Bouncing Back

The Sheffield Star reported that the city is ‘bouncing back’ following the lockdown period, citing a surge in demand from independent shops and restaurants. The start of a new retail age following the pandemic? I do hope so. As someone who has (inadvertently) worked directly, and indirectly, in retail over the past 30 years (I […]

The Queen’s Speech 2021

Once a year the Queen attends the House of Lords to deliver a speech. Perhaps one of the most widely watched political events in the calendar, she takes this opportunity to outline the governments’ priorities for the months ahead. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, this year was no exception. So, what does 2021/22 […]