Cloud Kickers – Case Study

Overview Cloud Kickers are a technology and IT consultancy and secure business provider that operate internationally helping clients tackle the challenges of the new digital era head on helping with the purchase of IT, electronic engineering and security and information controls. MK Brief MK were approached by Cloud Kickers in 2019 to work to implement […]

The future of Britain’s high street

Read our latest blog written by our Managing Director, Caroline Woofenden, on the changing nature of Britain’s high street.   I have gravitated to the world of retail my entire 20-year PR career, with my first PR accounts the then-Woolworths and Tammy Girl brands, moving onto the retail giants of M&S, Tesco, Sainsburys and B&Q […]

Why Work Experience is Key For New Graduates

I can’t remember exactly when I was first asked what career I wanted to pursue – but I remember I was far too young to know. My career aspirations have varied to say the least. From being a vet, to a teacher, a mermaid, professional dog walker or Radio Presenter. My mind changed a lot. […]

World Cup Fever is kicking up a PR storm

World cup fever has hit the world hard. Whether you are a footie fan through and through or couldn’t even state which teams are playing, FIFA Fever is unavoidable wherever you go, especially within the PR and marketing sectors. The World Cup develops a sense of community, bringing the world together for a period of […]

Doing it for the ‘gram: How Influencers Are Becoming the New Celebrity

Influencer Noun /ˈɪn.flu.ən.sɚ/ ‘Someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave, for example through their use of social media.’   Long gone are the days when being a ‘YouTuber’ meant monologues to camera. These days, 14-year-olds sell hair growth capsules, or jet across the world reviewing 5 star resorts you’ve probably never […]

The changing landscape on the high streets

Retail is changing. It is all too well reported that high street brands are collapsing, and among them millennial-beloved Toys ‘R’ Us; electronics business Maplin; Conviviality plc, the Crewe-based alcohol wholesaler and owner of the ubiquitous Bargain Booze chain. Recent news indicates that good old Marks & Spencer – that very touchstone of the British […]

The Royal Wedding, PR Gems and Disasters

A whirlwind romance, a picture perfect couple, Amalfi lemons and welsh gold. The Royal Wedding promised to be nothing short of perfection. But sadly for the Royal couple, the days leading up to the biggest day of their lives were steeped in drama. ‘Markle Debacle’ notwithstanding, the event really was beautiful- captivating the attention of […]

Why Quirky PR Doesn’t Always Work….

By Megan Morgan, Senior Account Executive Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last few weeks, you’ll have clocked the storm brewing on social thanks to #bloggergate. For those not so immersed in the Twittersphere – influencer and YouTuber Elle Darby put her shellacked and Louboutin-ed foot in it by sending a misinformed […]