Starting a Career During a Pandemic

Read our latest blog written by our Communications Intern, Hannah Butler. There won’t be many people across the world who haven’t been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. And for those of us in the employment world, job security (and lack of…) has had damaging consequences with rising unemployment rates reported daily. But what about those […]

Spending Review: What does 2021 have in store?

Read our latest blog by our Managing Director, Caroline Woffenden.  Rishi Sunak is one of the most popular politicians on the front bench and, the politics aside, I fully understand why. He’s bright, driven, appealing. He oozes contained, yet steely, confidence – and is an excellent communicator. The sort of feller you want to head […]

Social Media Consumption in the Information Age

Read our latest blog by our Communications Assistant, Sadie Cole. Another day in lockdown meant another night flicking through Netflix, desperately trying to find something new to watch to distract from the calamitous events of 2020. I recently came across a docudrama – The Social Dilemma – and whilst watching, I began to think about […]

Off the Shelf literacy festival, Sheffield

Celebrating books, words and ideas What a treat to listen to Rachel Genn and Tara Tobler discussing Genn’s What You Could Have Won this evening, part of this year’s Off the Shelf line-up – and in the comfort of my own armchair, thanks to the technology of the virtual event world. Representing Genn’s vehicle for […]

Cyber Insurance Guidance

The National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) has recently published guidance for organisations of any sector or size considering cyber insurance. Cyber crime is a global issue, and a growing concern. Cyber insurance can help protect your business following a cyber incident, minimising disruption, and providing financial protection and support for legal and regulatory actions […]

Should companies apologise for doing well during Covid?

Many business in many sectors have struggled hugely during the Covid crisis. It’s been challenging to say the least, and the economic impact ahead is likely to be felt for the foreseeable.    Chancellor Rishi and the cabinet are, in his words, ‘grappling’ with something unprecedented.   So does that mean that all business should […]

Internal communication has never been more important

Read our latest blog written by our Senior Communications Executive Gina Francey. In any usual year, August stands out as a bit of a strange month, or ‘silly season’ as the media coin it, with parliament in recess and many people off on their family holidays ahead of children returning to school.   But with that […]

A levels

Read our latest blog by our Managing Director Caroline Woffenden. Over 3,000 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland received their A level results this morning, in the most challenging of years. The controversy over how pupils have been graded this year is well documented, but regardless of the political and moral viewpoint on the […]

The importance of paying for quality reporting

I read with interest recently an article which centred around what was termed ‘clicks for quids’. In other words, the use of advertising to create revenue for online news sites. According to James Mitchinson, the highly respected editor of The Yorkshire Post, the media industry has been ‘too reticent’ to ask people to pay for […]


Read our latest blog by our Senior Communications Executive Gina Francey. If you’d asked me at the start of the year what I’d be spending my summer months doing, I can assure you it wouldn’t have been planning my first trip to the pub in three months or heading to the driving range… (Yes, I […]