The Return of Hospitality

For a lot of businesses, Covid had completely put a spanner in the works. In March last year the pandemic plunged the hospitality sector into a long, long hibernation.

While all had to close their doors to the public temporarily, sadly some have not re-opened.

Now though, things are starting to return to normal, and we’re delighted to welcome a number of new venues to the Sheffield line up. Here, MK Account Executive Molly talks about some of her favourite hotspots in the city.

Everyone can relate to the excitement that is in the air right now when it comes to life going back to what we know as normal. Sheffield is known for being an industrial city, so what better fit than a restaurant that reflects that heritage but with a modern twist?

A big welcome to The Furnace.

Described  as a melting pot which is forged from the elements that make Sheffield so unique, even though the  venue hasn’t been around long, it’s already establishing a reputation for its  warm welcome and their imaginative menus.

The food is from all locally sourced ingredients and is the perfect place for laid back lunches or late-night evening drinks.

Another new addition to the Sheffield line-up is Jurassica.

Thankfully, the city won’t be infested with pre-historic dinosaurs terrorising the streets- but it will be welcoming two friendly Velociraptors – Blue and Tricksy.

Located just outside of the city centre in Ecclesfield, this completely Jurassic Park themed restaurant  thought to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Having opened in early July it is the brainchild of local landlady Chantelle Synyer, whose “dinosaur mad” son Cyron, four, gave her the idea.

To finish on a high, Sheffield city centre welcomes the new chic rooftop bar, Alto. The latest edition to Sheffield’s skyline is located the top floor of Cubo – the new modern coworking and private office destination in the refurbished four-story building at Carver Street.

The relaxed and contemporary venue offers its guests striking views of the city centre and beyond, as well as a VIP area, DJ booth, built-in-seating areas and an impressive range of drinks, beers, cocktails, and food.

Whether you’re visiting for a romantic evening with your other half, or a boogie with your pals, this spot in the clouds will make those months we spent hibernating worth it!