‘Tis The Season for Successful Christmas Campaigns

What makes a successful Christmas campaign? Humour? Nostalgia? Family? Something which will make you laugh or something which will make you cry? In the past, brands have taken many different angles with their Christmas campaigns, which just leaves us all that much more excited to see what this year’s campaigns have in store. With only […]

How to nail a spooktacular Halloween campaign

As we step into Halloween week, we take a look at the PR that has run alongside this spooktacular festival…   1) A dash of humor Last year Marmite put its own spin on Halloween by redesigning the iconic jar into two limited editions utilizing their famous catch phrase ‘you either love it, or you […]

The importance of effective PR in a snap election

  As we get closer and closer to the 31st of October, the uncertainty over Brexit and parliament itself continues. Members of Parliament continue to reject Boris Johnson’s No-Deal Brexit and the likeliness of a snap election before the end of the year looks more and more likely. This week, the suspension of parliament was […]

‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’…or is there?

Our recent work experience Josh Cawood shares this thoughts on Kraft’s latest campaign… Phineas T. Barnum – the man who inspired The Greatest Showman and gave the world Hugh Jackman parading around in a top hat – is often credited as coining this iconic phrase. For Barnum and his travelling circus, the phrase was true. […]

How brands have tapped into the Women’s World Cup

Most of us remember the summer of 2018 well – the sun was shining, beer gardens up and down the country were packed to the brim, and most of us were guilty of singing ‘It’s Coming Home’ whenever we got the chance. It was a strong performance from the England men’s team at the World […]

Brands are LOVING this year’s LOVE ISLAND, and here’s why!

Just like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Well, except for those special few – typically boyfriends, husbands, and reality TV sceptics – who claim to think it’s ‘all a load of rubbish’ but quickly find themselves getting engrossed in who’s coupled up with who, and who’s about to get #PiedOff. Regardless of […]

Silly Sausage: Using outrage to generate attention and a PR buzz

By MK work experience, Christian Hayter.   Piers Morgan, the opinionated co-host of Good Morning Britain, makes no illusions of his contempt for vegans and vegetarians. Recently, Morgan has made news for berating a vegan activist on his show, and a few weeks ago, he fumed over the veganification of Percy pigs, spitting out the […]

Logging off: working without social media in a virtual world

Many (or indeed most) in the world of PR would argue that social media is a crucial part of a communications strategy. There is no question that social media is great tool from which to target audiences, convey key messages, raise brand awareness and increase engagement. Yet… with an impressive social following of over 200k […]

Leaving journalism and joining the ‘dark side’ of communications… PR

Here at MK, we recently invited University of Sheffield Journalism student William Bond in for a period of work experience. Many journalism graduates face the difficult task of choosing between a career in PR or Journalism and here’s the advice that Will would like to share with those faced with making the decision:   PR […]

How to play it cool this April Fool’s…

A national day can provide a great window of opportunity for us PRs – often helping to guarantee hits on social, as well as column inches in news publications, and across air time. April Fool’s – the light-hearted, comical day, aimed at spreading a smile – is no different. And indeed brands have taken lucrative […]