The NEBRC: an NC Group case study


The North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC) is a non-profit organisation working as part of the UK wide, Business Resilience International Management Network (BRIM). Established in 2019, the organisation brings together a unique partnership between the police, private sector, and academia to help North East businesses fight against cybercrime and online fraud.


In 2020 the NC Group was appointed to support the official launch and establish an ongoing marketing strategy for the organisation.


Core communication objectives:

  • To drive awareness and understanding of the NEBRC programmes.
  • To ensure an ongoing dialogue across the key main communication platforms to ensure key messages are reaching key audiences.



  • A multipronged approach, leaning on relevant marketing platforms to best meet the communication objectives. Specifically:
  • Consistency and continuity across the communications planner and strategic direction;
  • An established press office;
  • A key stakeholder engagement programme;
  • Weekly blogs and commentary;
  • A regular newsletter;
  • A proactive social media presence.


  • Extensive regional and trade coverage over the years in key publications including:
    • The Yorkshire Post
    • The Star
    • BBC Radio Sheffield
    • BBC Newcastle
    • Professional Security Magazine
    • International Security Journal
    • Yorkshire Insider
  • 100 newsletters issued
  • Social stats:
    • Reaching up to 20K tweet impressions per month
    • 710 Twitter followers
    • Reaching up to 5K post impressions per month on LinkedIn
    • 974 LinkedIn followers
    • 82 Facebook followers