Cyber security: IT matters…

Read our latest blog written by our Managing Director, Caroline Woffenden.  The UK is in the midst of the biggest remote working and schooling experience in history, with millions of us impacted on a daily basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This new era brings various changes and challenges, not least given our increased reliance […]

Positive PR during the...

Read our latest blog written by our Communications Director, Ashlea McConnell. Lockdown, as it is now commonly known, has had a pretty significant impact on everyone. Whether you are considered a key worker and are therefore commuting to deliver vital front line services, on furlough, or officially ‘working from home’ and embracing the likes of […]

The importance of culture

Read our latest blog written by our Managing Director, Caroline Woffenden. During times of crisis driving the right culture is more important than ever in securing the ongoing success of an organisation. But as many business and HR leaders are currently experiencing, that is not always front of mind – is it not! – when […]

Is this what dystopia...

Read our latest blog written by our Senior Communications Executive, Gina Francey.   As a lover of fiction, when times get tough you can often find me with my head buried in a book, rather than the sand. Given recent Government advice telling us not to leave the house I now have more time than […]

High achieving women

Read our latest blog written by our Managing Director, Caroline Woffenden. I’m a proud advocate of working women. We have a lot to thank our ancestors for in nudging us ever nearer to the table of equality. There’s still a way to go, granted, in what continues to be seen as a patriarchal world across […]

Staying alone together

The ways in which we connect to one another have drastically changed as a result of the current state of the world due to the ongoing pandemic. During this period I’ve really started to think about community and relationships, and what that means to me personally. Right now, many of us are working from home […]

Tips to ensure you...

In response to the most recent guidance set out by The Government, the MK team has taken the decision to practice social distancing as a precautionary measure to ensure that we reduce social interaction and the likely transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). For some, the opportunity to work from home may be the dream they have […]

Connecting Through the Kitchen

Cooking has always been a part of my life in a big way, whether I realised it or not. Growing up as an immigrant in Dubai, the biggest link to my Indian heritage was the hours I would spend helping my mother make traditional dishes that didn’t just taste like home but felt like it […]

The power of social...

Read our latest blog written by our Senior Communications Executive Gina Francey. In 2019, over half the UK’s population (58%) were actively using social media from a mobile device, according to statistics released by Statista. Being born in the nineties, I have often been at the receiving end of comments such as “you were born […]

Taking Chances & New...

Read our latest blog written by Communications Assistant, Sadie Cole.   In September 2019, I folded away my waitressing apron for the last time. I had just informed my boss of my decision to leave due to an ongoing illness which was exacerbated by chemicals I was required to work with. Suddenly confronted with the […]