Should companies apologise for doing well during Covid?

Many business in many sectors have struggled hugely during the Covid crisis. It’s been challenging to say the least, and the economic impact ahead is likely to be felt for the foreseeable. 


Chancellor Rishi and the cabinet are, in his words, ‘grappling’ with something unprecedented.


So does that mean that all business should take a step back from the limelight out of respect for those struggling?


Arguably not. Business is driven by business, and we should welcome movement and progress (however small, and however marginal) as a sign that things will recover.


Take construction. Our multiple, sector related clients have cautiously kept their flags flying throughout the crisis and are now creating job opportunities in a myriad of organisations and regions thanks to their efforts – from estate agencies, through to commercial property agents and quantity surveyors.


Equally, our professional service clients that have taken on work in the the private client sector by helping people looking to move within the government stamp duty relief scheme, get their Wills in order, or proceed with a divorce, have also recruited, and in fact sustained jobs throughout the crisis despite the challenges. 


This has been hugely reliant on good publicity and public awareness and support. 


Indeed, in the tech world certain organisations have really thrived as many businesses look to adapt to a world of contactless. 


While that’s a tough read in the local, national, trade, or business news to those who have fared less well, it’s important we don’t undermine or dismiss their efforts.  


My personal view is that we must work together to rebuild our economic future. And good publicity, as well as a confident, positive outlook is key to that.


The PR around It just needs to be managed sensitively, approached appropriately, and handled with care. 


If you’ve got a good story to tell about your business success during lockdown but aren’t sure how to position it correctly, the MK team are on hand to discuss. Why not give us a call on 0114 275 6784 or email