The beginners’ guide to...

By Kelly Spencer Despite a self-confessed inability to cook anything that doesn’t involve the toaster or the microwave, I decided that, in aid of a wonderful cause, I would pull on my pinny (which I admit I had borrow from my culinary whizz of a boyfriend) and enter the kitchen for the MK PR Helen’s […]

The world is your...

One of the biggest opportunities in PR is networking. Now, networking isn’t just a case of going into the local boozer and striking up a conversation with someone you vaguely know. Networking is so much more than that. It opens doors for you and it makes you knowledgeable about your city and the people within […]

Picture Perfect

They say that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. As someone who works in PR, I spend the majority of my day crafting and toiling with the English language but my job has also taught me how much truth there is in that age-old phrase. In fact, the more press releases and features I compile […]

Anna’s ‘Deliberating’ Lemon Drizzle

When we were first told that MK were holding a Bake-Off I experienced a minor panic. Having just moved into a new flat with an unpredictable oven, and without the best track record in the baking department (more than a few pans had been left burnt back at University), I wondered what I could create […]

Meadowhall Light Switch On...

Campaign: Light Switch on Charity Concert 2014 Client: Meadowhall Timescale: September 2014 – November 2014 The Meadowhall Light Switch On Charity Concert 2014 was once again a phenomenal success. MK ran with this campaign and made it bigger and better than last year. Brief and objectives: • To raise awareness of the concert through regional […]

A PR checklist for...

By Chrissie Lewis, Junior Account Exec So the big day has arrived… the event you have been working so hard to finalise each and every last detail for is here. You’ve organised exactly who needs to be there and when down to the second and now it’s time for you to really shine… But before […]

Amy’s Not-So-Millionaire shortbread

The time had come. My time to shine. For so long I had been eager to show off my cake making skills following years of hosting bake sales for charity at University…now it’s time to show my colleagues that I can really rise to the challenge. As you will know, Team MK are challenging each […]

The Big Bake Off

At MK PR we are kicking of the Season of Giving by donning our aprons and heading to the kitchen to take part in the Helen’s Trust Charity Bake Off Challenge. Helen’s Trust is our 2015 Charity of the Year, who help the terminally ill stay at home through funding and providing care. Each week […]

Absolute Solar And Wind:...

Campaign: Glenskinno Biofuels Client: Absolute Timeline: September 2014 Absolute is a Glasgow based renewables company born from the ambition of brothers Mark and Richard Newall to make the world a greener, more economic place. Absolute has been established since 2007, and during that time has worked on some of the largest and most effective installations […]

A Typical PR –...

By Ashlea Mcconnell, PR Director At one of the more interesting networking events I attended recently I embarked on a conversation with a fellow service provider as to what animal best sums up my industry. After a good half minute trying to come up with something exotic and quirky, I settled on a dog. Yes, […]