Northern Communications Group

Earlier this month MK Public Relations was adopted by its now parent organisation the Northern Communications Group: an exciting new era for the PR agency, which was founded 15 years ago, almost to the day. Prolific North – London-based approach for new Yorkshire marketing group Insider Media  – New full service comms agency launched BDaily – Latest […]

The Great Northern Powerhouse 2019

  The Great Northern Powerhouse conference took place today in Leeds, giving an opportunity to hear and contribute to the ongoing debate and understand a little more about the vision, commitment and focus for the north.   Having recently announced MK’s move to the Northern Communications Group, I was all ears. The conference was a […]

Why PR can feel like dating

  Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s is upon us once again. For the most romantic day of the year, the agenda for singles is normally to avoid the annual slew of pink tat at the supermarket before drowning one’s sorrows with a bottle of vino, and for couples it means feeling obliged to be […]

How politicians tried to sell Brexit to us

Founder of MK, Steve McKevitt, speaks about Brexit in his recent Oxford University Press article:   If we examine the two campaigns in terms of their message strategy, i.e. the way in which they sought to influence swing voters, significant differences become apparent. Remain is widely regarded to have been poorly executed – not a […]

Harper James – Case Study

Overview: Harper James is commercial law firm, headquartered in Sheffield, with additional offices in London, Birmingham and Cambridge. Since launching in 2014 the firm has built a its reputation as a law firm with a difference, using three unique service plans to provide expert business legal services at affordable prices for start-ups and SMEs, as […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our clients, past and present – we hope you have a fabulous festive season! 2018 has been a great year for MK and we’d like to thank you all for your continued support throughout. Here’s to 2019!

PR and the Digital Transformation

  The world of online news isn’t a newcomer to the game and, in fact, many of us will struggle to remember a time when the trusty newspaper was the source of all knowledge. Over the past decade a lot has changed in PR and, with the pace of digitalisation, the dynamism is set to […]

Did emotional appeals help to win the Brexit referendum?

Founder of MK, Steve McKevitt, speaks about Brexit and the impact of emotional appeals in his recent Oxford University Press article:   “Brexit was a big fundamental decision: an emotional decision,” said Nigel Farrage in an interview with The Guardian’s John Harris in September 2018. For once at least the former UKIP leader, a […]

To Brexit or not to Brexit

  As I put fingers to keyboard Mrs May continues to sit tight at number 10. The 48 letters required for a vote of no confidence have not as yet materialised – and as time marches on, it doesn’t feel like they will.   A week is a long time in politics, Harold Wilson once […]

Five tips for students (or graduates) looking to get into PR:

  The thought of finishing university and being catapulted head first into the world of adulthood is utterly terrifying – not only do you have to decide where you want to live, become more responsible about money, potentially start paying council tax and sorting out your own bills, but there is also the big C […]