Much more than just making the tea

By Rebecca Greenwood, 17 As someone who had never done work experience before, I was exceptionally nervous about starting a placement. I worried that I would be dressed too formally or too casually, that I would fall over when I first walked in or be late, that I would be in everyone’s way. My parents […]

Team Work – It Takes All Sorts

By Sarah Dutton As MK’s Directors’ and Office Coordinator, I oversee the workings of our office, and that includes the people who work within it! As well as trying to keep everyone calm and level-headed (I like to think I lead by example here) I’m really keen on ensuring the team is happy and, in […]

Entering the world of work…

By Mason Miller Before I came on work experience, my teachers wouldn’t stop talking about how it would be one of the hardest things I’d ever done and how if you make one mistake you’ll be fired on the spot, and if you get fired you’ll face grave consequences when back in class; and I […]

A bit of insight…

By Caroline Woffenden I was interviewed by a local radio station about PR last week; what it is, how it can benefit businesses and, probably of more interest to the majority of their listeners, the inspiration and motivation behind ‘my PR journey’. I’m very clear that I find energy and drive through people – including […]

Speak and deliver

By Anna Simmons Even the most confident and experienced public speakers will admit that they get stage fright… As legendary author Mark Twain once famously said: “There are two types of speakers, those who are nervous and those who are liars.” I faced my nerves head on by entering a public speaking competition held by […]

Every Little Helps…

At MK, supporting charities is extremely important to us. Alongside supporting charities such as The Children’s Hospital Charity, Helen’s Trust and Kids ‘N’ Cancer from a press office and consultancy aspect, in our spare time a number of us are committee members, volunteers and active fundraisers for charities across the UK. Recently, we took part […]

Press Release Writing – The Golden Rules

By Kelly Spencer Effective press releasing writing is the bread and butter of Public Relations. Every PR professional has, at some point in their career, put together what they thought was the perfect press release only to feel thwarted and find journalists dismissive of their work. Having studied journalism and spent the first half of […]

Overcoming the ‘broadcast beast’

By Anna Simmons Broadcast media has both advantages and disadvantages when compared with print; broadcast news can be far more immediate and reactive and, more notably, convey emotion better than the written word. Another plus point for broadcast is that it can be absorbed whilst audiences are doing other activities, such as driving or eating, […]

Meadowhall Shopping Centre: The Introduction of the over-taking lane

Campaign: Meadowhall Shopping Centre: The introduction of the over-taking lane Client: Meadowhall Timescale: April 2014 Overview: Meadowhall Shopping Centre hit the national and international news this month after trialling the first over-taking lane in a UK shopping centre. After receiving a letter from ten-year-old schoolgirl Chloe Nash Lowe, Meadowhall saw an opportunity to hit the […]

Bloggers reshaping the world of PR

By MK intern and award winning blogger Lydia Abraham As a blogger myself, I’ve seen how quickly bloggers have developed their worth in the world of PR. In a matter of years, blogging has gone from a case of posting a few paragraphs and pictures to a wonderfully creative career for many aspiring writers. Not […]