Meadowhall Shopping Centre: The Introduction of the over-taking lane

Campaign: Meadowhall Shopping Centre: The introduction of the over-taking lane
Client: Meadowhall
Timescale: April 2014


Meadowhall Shopping Centre hit the national and international news this month after trialling the first over-taking lane in a UK shopping centre.
After receiving a letter from ten-year-old schoolgirl Chloe Nash Lowe, Meadowhall saw an opportunity to hit the headlines as it took customer service one step further.
Chloe, who had been told to write a letter as part of her school project, wrote to Centre Director Darren Pearce to complain about slow shoppers and suggested the Centre implemented an overtaking lane for the faster folk.
The Meadowhall team loved Chloe’s idea and gave the green light to trial the motorway-style lane system on the malls, inviting her down as guest of honour to test them out.
The fast and slow lanes sparked country-wide debate with audiences of all ages engaging in discussions via Facebook, Twitter, forums and even radio phone -ins, as to whether the lanes were necessary and if so how they should work.

The results:

The Meadowhall mall lanes quickly gained media momentum featuring in all the national daily titles including The Times, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph along with top glossy magazines Elle and Closer.
In total the story has received coverage in more than 120 print and online publications to date from as far afield as the USA and Canada with extensive broadcast coverage across spanning from BBC Radio Sheffield through to BBC Scotland and TV including Look North and Calendar.