A good cup of tea goes a long way

By Hannah Falconer Starting any new job is daunting to say the least. But that first day as an intern in a busy PR office can make even the most confident feel the creeping sensation of nerves and self-doubt. Will I be good enough? Can I keep up? What if they don’t like me? These […]

Climbing high

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And they are right. I enjoy a challenge; all true business ‘types’ do, but climbing Mount Kilimanjaro ranks as the most challenging experience in my life to date. The mighty Mount Kili is the highest mountain in Africa, located in Tanzania, on the boarder of Kenya, […]

Social media – not just for the young

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not solely for young people or in fact ordinary people going about their business. Social media has become an invaluable channel for companies to communicate with their customers and is a vital part of a business communication strategy. Whether it is you or your employee updating the company’s […]

Meadowhall Light Switch On Charity Concert 2013

Meadowhall has always taken its commitment to making Christmas spectacular seriously, and its 2013 campaign was no exception. Playing host to Santa’s Magical Kingdom; more than 3,600 crystal icicles, 9,228m of crystal garland, 875,283 LED bulbs and 8kg of glitter; and a packed agenda of entertainment to keep shoppers feeling festive in the lead up to the big day.

The PRo’s of PR – not just a nice to have

Public and press relations can be a much misunderstood medium. In our latest blog, PR Director Ashlea McConnell sheds light on what well executed PR can achieve.

Crisis communications – the golden rules

When a crisis or major issue strikes your organisation, your reputation and, in some instances, your very existence, is on the line. So, you need to be prepared in order to best manage in what will be some of the most challenging days in the business’s history.

Entering the world of PR – what I now know

Entering the world of PR has been a complete eye-opener. Having started at MK Things Happen as an intern, I have been able to see first-hand how the industry really works – working with clients ranging from Off the Shelf Festival of Words to Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Each day I am learning more and every experience reveals another golden nugget of information.

The Increasing Importance of Video Content in PR

In the ever changing world of PR, professionals now needed to be multi-faceted when it comes to print, broadcast and online production. At MK we have trained our team in how to produce industry standard content so that our clients’ stories can increasingly be told in the crystal clarity of high definition video.

Media Relations at Park Hill

Urban Splash is the urban regeneration company refurbishing the Grade II listed Park Hill flats in Sheffield. The ambition of the project is to revive, regenerate, and establish a new community in the area. The 10 year project will deliver over 870 apartments; one third social housing. The marketing suite opened in October 2011, selling flats off-plan. The first phase released 78 apartments and commercial units sized from 500 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft. Private and social housing residents started to move in from January 2013.

Why PR professionals need to become more like data analysts

The shift to digitalisation has made it easier for PR pros to access the data and we should, as an industry, be focusing on this new method of reporting in order to show the true worth of PR. We don’t necessarily need to work harder, just work smarter.