‘Tis The Season for Successful Christmas Campaigns

What makes a successful Christmas campaign? Humour? Nostalgia? Family? Something which will make you laugh or something which will make you cry?

In the past, brands have taken many different angles with their Christmas campaigns, which just leaves us all that much more excited to see what this year’s campaigns have in store.

With only six weeks until Christmas, brands have begun their Christmas campaigns as the countdown to the big day begins! We’re still waiting on the likes of John Lewis and Debenhams but, as we’re getting slowly but surely getting into the Christmas spirit, here are our top three 2019 Christmas campaigns, so far:



Visa have once again created a perfectly charming campaign to encourage consumers to place more focus on where they buy this Christmas, encouraging their customers to support their local businesses.

The campaign sees 13 shopkeepers, ranging from a bookseller to a café owner to a greengrocer, singing Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ to encourage consumers to shop locally and hit their local high street.

At a time when many high street stores are sadly closing, this advert feels like a rally cry to encourage the nation to support UK’s independent retailers. Their message, #whereyoushopmatters, also actively encourages shopkeepers to recreate the advert in a nationwide competition. A great campaign with a feel-good message!




The Aldi advert nicely picks off from last year with the return of our beloved Kevin the Carrot. His latest adventure sees him fighting off a gang of Brussel Sprouts before he manages to escape just in time to spread Christmas cheer.

This charming advert piggybacks of popular 2019 cult fiction, with the sprouts resembling our much-loved characters from Peaky Blinders (complete with Brummie accents and flat caps) and other carrots portraying characters from big hits such as The Greatest Showman.

All of this happens whilst Robbie Williams ‘Let Me Entertain You’ plays in the background. A great feel good advert for getting you in the festive spirit.




Mariah Carey, arguably the Queen of Christmas, is the star of this year’s Walker’s campaign.

The advert begins with our queen performing her classic Christmas hit ‘All I Want for Christmas’ on set, before she enters into a ‘tug of war’ with another member of staff over the last packet of crisps. Of course, in the spirit of Christmas, her competitor is dressed as an elf.

In true Mariah style, she wins the packet of crisps by singing a note so high that the crew must cover their ears and turn away.

Christmas is a time for giving and with Mariah being the angel she is, she gives the ‘elf’ one of her crisp.

(5 stars to walkers for doing an advert with someone other than Gary Lineker!)