Brands are LOVING this year’s LOVE ISLAND, and here’s why!

Just like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Well, except for those special few – typically boyfriends, husbands, and reality TV sceptics – who claim to think it’s ‘all a load of rubbish’ but quickly find themselves getting engrossed in who’s coupled up with who, and who’s about to get #PiedOff.

Regardless of whether you’re tuning in at 9pm every night and jumping straight on Twitter in the ad breaks to catch up on any gossip, or if you simply couldn’t care less, I can guarantee that the majority will definitely have seen Love Island themed everything popping up here, there and everywhere over the past few weeks.

The show has been up and running since 2015 and, despite facing its fair share of stick over the years, time and time again it’s provided a huge platform for brands to jump on board and share the limelight – during the Summer months you can barely walk a few feet in a City Centre without being faced with a luminous, hashtag ridden t-shirt or five!

From branded t-shirts, to monogrammed water bottles and, the newest addition to the selection of ‘Love Island’ merch, a personalised suitcase, there’s no doubt that the TV show is going full-on Factor 50 with its marketing approach – and clearly, it’s working!

This year has seen online clothing store, I Saw It First, partner up with the show, meaning that the Islanders are styled head to toe in the brand, and viewers can hop on over to the Love Island app and purchase their entire summer wardrobe before the episode has even finished.

Swapping TV ads for a more integrated sponsorship deal is certainly a way to stand out from the pack and if last year’s anything to go by (with 2017 sponsor, MissGuided reporting a 40% sales increase for the duration of the show compared to the eight weeks prior), it’s definitely a strong move!

So, it’s safe to say that, in this case, there’s no harm in brands ‘keeping their options open’ and ‘putting in the graft’ to ensure that everyone’s heads are turned, towards them!

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