Training for my next 10K

Read our latest blog written by our Managing Director, Caroline Woffenden.


It’s 6.45am. I’m doubled over, panting loudly in the kitchen working out which child to dress and breakfast first, before I get us all into the car for the school and office run. I’ve taken up running again. OK, me and 10 million fellow ‘new year’s eve resolution makers’, I hear you snigger. But two – pushing three years on; two (pushing on three…) stone later I’m attempting to get back to where I picked up on fitness stakes (attempting being the operative word there). It’s partly driven by vanity, partly by pride but largely a desperation for a slice of sanity (working mums of young children, you rock). Albeit the biggest driver I confess is a small amount of time (and we’re talking minutes here, not hours, well, not yet….) is escapism – and all of it 100%, unadulterated ‘me time’ – no chauffeur, carer, manager, leader, colleague responsibilities. Just all about me. Hallelujah.

They say running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part of your brain that wants to keep going. Oh yes. Every. Single. Time. But gosh, couldn’t we all learn a bit more about commitment, focus and resilience on and off the payment, in and outside the office… (I was born in the 70’s… it was a different world back then…believe me…).

Running does not necessarily define who we are, but it can help to refine who we are. It pushes you, it hurts you but it also believes in you. By the time I realise I’m not in shape for the run I’ve set off for, it’s too late to turn back. Another strong message: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger un all that (it was kinda the mantra before the snowflake generation…).

It’s not easy. But what is if it’s worth doing? But it can be a great cure, a good way to start, end and / or sandwich the day. A good way to shake it all off, think it through, work it out. Perseverance. Determination. Never give up. But there’s another blog in itself (don’t get me started…).

At MK we have recently taken on a project to support a fitness campaign rolled out by Sport England. A fantastic initiative. An initiative which is trying to encourage and empower all generations, levels and abilities to ditch the sofa surfing and take up exercise. In a culture immersed in sedentary lifestyles we are feeling and reeling from the consequences. Wellbeing is key to any life and lifestyle. And exercise is a key ingredient.

I run so that the goals in my life continue to get bigger. I am as ambitious and driven now as I was 25 years ago (albeit the focus has shifted). That never leaves you.

So come on, we could all stand up and be counted (in every sense). Run, walk, crawl if you have to (insert more business analogies here…). One run can change your day – and many runs can change your life. And we all have a responsibility to life our best one.