Let them eat cake

Not so much Marie Antoinette (for those of you up on your French history) for our MD this week, as Domestic Goddess (or so she liked to think).

Never one to do anything by half measure, Caroline brought in two cakes for our consumption that week (yep, us too – what an unfair advantage…) for our Helen’s Trust Bake Off Challenge.

Her first was a healthy New Year bake she told us – fruit soaked in tea, ginger loaf with NO butter and only 100 calories per slice. No guilt in scoffing that one then.

The second was a slightly more indulgent banana, pecan and butterscotch chocolate loaf at the higher 145 calories / slice – but natural yoghurt was used instead of butter, so not toooo bad she cooed.

With both cakes on the side and the team unsure on how to judge fairly…there was only one way to do it. Two slices per team member!

Was the New Year back a new success? Was two cakes too much? You’ll have to ask the team…!