To bake or to fake – that was the question!

So, what happens when you cross a PR Director with a hollow promise of delicious mince pies, a rolling pin, some flour and absolutely no direction? Disaster!

There were sleepless nights and there was weight loss (sadly, not mine); I considered commissioning my sister – an absolutely wonderful chef – to help me out, and even went as far as to hatch a plan to buy ready-made delicacies from an unnamed local supermarket, sprinkle a little icing sugar and bash them up a bit so they looked homemade and genuine.

In the end, I determined I had spent more time worrying about what would happen if I braved the dials on the oven than was reasonable under the circumstances, and I just decided to give it a go.

Luckily for me, by the time I had got my act together my mother was visiting from afar and she ‘supervised’. With her guidance, and the help of an enthusiastic two-year-old to aid me in my quest to roll pre-packed pastry and ready-made mincemeat, disaster was averted.

Now, some of you may be sat there thinking that this constitutes cheating and, whilst I see your point of view (really, I do), I put to you good sirs an alternative word…. Innovative. I have at my disposal very little time to cook and prepare delicious treats or sweets, and this put me in to a bit of tailspin when my learned colleagues suggested to me a battle of the baked goods to raise funds for Helen’s Trust. I know I know, it’s for charity. But I’m rather competitive, didn’t you know.

I decided therefore to approach this particular challenge as I do my working life. Utilise the talents and the skills of the people around you… YOU AREN’T THE BEST AT EVERYTHING. Seek advice and guidance from as many people as possible – even those younger than you can help provide insight and perspective. Identify where you can save time – work smarter not harder, as I am often heard telling the team.

So, how did they turn out I hear you ask? They looked really nice, and tasted pretty darn good – or so I am told. I absolutely despise mince pies!

I score myself a modest 10 for creativity, though will take a hit for 1. Delivering late, 2. Using a two-year-old for the cuteness vote and 3. Putting my mother in a position where she helped me ‘be innovative’ without even realising what she was doing.

P.s – I don’t have a rolling pin. I had to use a wine bottle to roll out the pastry… Say’s it all, really.