Top Tips for a Productive Week!

The MK office is a busy one – so we’re always looking for ways to work smarter. We’ve found that the following are essential to making the most of our Monday-Friday time…

1) Failing to Prepare = Preparing to Fail.

This is a cliché for a reason –and it’s no coincidence it’s the first thing on our list. Whether it’s arriving at a pitch with a potential new client or a daily check-in with your colleague do yourself a huge favour and be prepared! Spending just 10 minutes before any meeting taking the time to print any required documents, read through the minutes from the previous meeting and agenda for the next or simply take some time to gather your thoughts you will find the meeting 100% more productive. Most meetings are not scheduled for the sake of it – be clear on what the aims are and work from there to know what you need in order to be prepared and well equipped.

2) Make sure that you get enough sleep!

We can become accustomed to being tired all the time but it’s amazing how much more effective we can be if we are well rested. Everyone has different requirements for an ideal amount of sleep; for some, 4 or 5 hours might be sufficient whilst for others 9 is essential. Sometimes, our workload dictates that we need to put in those extra hours so being well-rested can make a huge difference to our productivity but if we manage our time effectively this should be kept to minimum.

3) Al fresco not al desko!

Some people prefer to power through their day without pausing for lunch breaks but many feel energised by stepping away from their desk and getting some air, even if it’s just a 5 minute walk. Walking is also great medicine for anxiety and stress – if your day is taking its toll (we all have them!) then a walk around the block could help you to clear your head and have a ‘fresh start’ when you sit back at your desk. What we eat for lunch can also have a huge impact on our energy levels for the rest of the day – think fresh and wholesome as opposed to processed and sugary!