A good cup of tea goes a long way

By Hannah Falconer

Starting any new job is daunting to say the least. But that first day as an intern in a busy PR office can make even the most confident feel the creeping sensation of nerves and self-doubt.
Will I be good enough? Can I keep up? What if they don’t like me? These are all questions we have asked ourselves at some point during our career. But going in with a strong attitude and passion for the job will enable you to face those self-doubts head on and ultimately succeed.
Like all things in life, starting at the bottom is a necessary step in building ones career. It may not be the most glamorous position but it is a start. Showing willing, drive and a positive attitude will get you noticed. Never under estimate the benefits of making a good cup of tea!
Learning on the job is one of the best ways to build confidence, knowledge and understanding. Having a supportive and enthusiastic team is vital within any company. For interns they are the ones who encourage and guide them into the world of PR. Do not be afraid to ask that question you may think is stupid, after all you are there to learn and are helping them just as much as they are you.
Starting out as an intern can at times be challenging. But through hard work, enthusiasm and passion for the job it can lead to amazing opportunities. Not to mention you might have quite a bit of fun along the way!