Serving up a success

By Sarah Clark, Account Executive.


Gone are the days of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to PR. With changing markets coupled with widespread digitalisation and the ubiquitous rise of social media, it’s increasingly important to arm your business with effective marketing and communication strategies that will see you thrive amongst the competition. As a lover of tennis and with Wimbledon just around the corner, any excuse to throw PR into the mix alongside couple of cheesy metaphors goes down well with me!

In order to stand a chance against any opponent, and to avoid burning out too quickly, it’s important to warm up. Going in all guns blazing may seem like a great idea until you’re two games in and find yourself gasping for breath. With PR, slow and steady growth wins the race – don’t expect thousands of Twitter followers overnight or for the nationals to cover all of your stories, these things take time and require strong, lasting relationships to be formed.

Checking out the competition is key, learn from their strengths and target their weaknesses – be savvy about your strategies and avoid predictability. Mix it up and throw a few curveballs in to keep your competitors on their toes and before long it’ll be game, set, match to you.

Making judgement calls is all part of the PR game, market your business in a way that fits your brand and engages your audience and you’ll be well on the way to hitting winners left, right and centre!

Always be prepared and expect the unexpected, being on your toes at all times will allow you to react quickly to any breaking news, changing policies or industry-related issues that may otherwise have left you feeling the pressure.

Before long you’ll be going for gold and reaping in the results – the likes of Roger Federer and Andy Murray didn’t get where they are today without time, hard work and learning how to come through the other side of defeat stronger than ever.

So… the ball is in your court, want to serve up an ace with MK? Get in touch! We’d love to chat over a cuppa or, better still, an ice-cold glass of Pimm’s!