Campaign: Bloggers Breakfast

Overview is a high-end interior design store based in Sheffield.

Working with the MK team the business wanted to widen its reach and positive engagement with bloggers and so organised an event at company’s showroom in October 2015 to facilitate introductions.


  • To engage with local lifestyle and interiors bloggers and to introduce them to
  • To create a relaxed, friendly environment for the event.
  • To gain blogger coverage of the event.
  • To promote the existence of the showroom.
  • To increase in-store and online sales at


  • To identify key lifestyle and interiors bloggers in the region and invited them to the event.
  • To launch and drive the hashtag #nested and encourage bloggers to write Tweets and Instagram posts to engage.
  • To create ‘takeaways’ including latest press releases and hi-res images of products and photoshoots for the bloggers to encourage coverage.
  • To organise the running order of the event to include an introductory talk from Marketing Director Toni-Anne Sanderson, a tour of the showroom and a chance for the bloggers to network and enjoy food and refreshments provided.


Six pieces of coverage were gained in the form of blogs – all of which included multiple images taken by the bloggers – as well as positive social media engagement from the attending bloggers during and after the event on Twitter and Instagram.