Meadowhall Student Night 2015


Meadowhall prides itself on being able to offer something special for everyone and when it comes to the annual Student Night it’s safe to say it’s become iconic in its own right. With two of the UK’s most prestigious universities bang in the heart of the city, the strong student community represents a key demographic for the Centre. This year’s event welcomed over 20,000 students.

Below is a short case study outlining the role of MK PR in making the event happen.

Brief and Objectives:

To promote and engage with students over Meadowhall social media channels
To drive footfall to the centre
To promote Meadowhall’s new and existing retailers. For example, cult burger chain Five Guys was a new addition on the week of Student Night

Strategy and Plan:

Targeting key local and student media to pre-promote the event as well as key social media channels, what’s on guides and forums
Championing the hashtag #MHSTUDENTSHOP throughout the campaign
Liaising with student broadcasters covering the event

Measurement and Evaluation:

Over 20,000 students attended the event