Are you the ‘Most in Show’?

I read an article recently where author Elizabeth Gilbert spoke of her ‘most in show’ approach to life following her multiple entries in a baking competition (no, not that one). I have to admit, I found this simple concept quite profound. Most of us have something that we like to think we’re the best at – in fact, in the MK office we can boast spread sheet expertise and blogging brilliance as just a couple of our various ‘best at’ skills.

There are also things that we’re not the best at. Sadly, it’s human nature to focus on the shortfalls. I bet as you’re reading this, you’re thinking of many things you’re not the best at, but perhaps only one or two that you are…

Well, here’s where Elizabeth’s idea comes in. What are you ‘most’ at? Perhaps you’re lacking a skill in a certain area – but you’re the most organised person you know, which helps make it easier to learn the skill you need. Or maybe you cannot master Excel spread sheets, but instead you are the most enthusiastic person on your team.

She sums up: “I advocate for a Most in Show approach to life, because it works. It comes down to this: Refuse to be unseen. Believe me, it will take you far.”

I think everyone can take something from this, in all areas of life.