‘Appy Yorkshire Day!

Tuesday was Yorkshire Day, the day where all things white rose are celebrated. As a Yorkshire-based PR agency, we’re incredibly proud to be based in God’s own country, but not just for the whippets and flat caps. From “yorkshireisms” to the shambles, here’s our round-up of why Yorkshire is the best place to be.

The language

Yorkshire certainly has its own charming vocabulary. Not a local? You may need a translator.

If you want to speak like a true Yorkie, ‘h’ does not exist and you may as well forget ‘the’ entirely. Words like ‘thissen’, ‘nowt’, ‘nesh’ and ‘nah then’ are all commonplace. It’s also the place where ‘tin tin tin’ and ‘eeh by gum’ make perfect sense. Ah there’s no place like home.

The people

Not to blow our own horn, but us Yorkshire folk are a friendly bunch. Yorkshire is the place where talking on the bus isn’t considered a cardinal sin, where you actually know your neighbours names and a friendly smile across the pub won’t condemn you to life as a social pariah.

The history

It’s safe to say our home county is steeped in history. First occupied in 8000BC, hailing from Yorkshire means you share a past with Roman centurions, Saxon settlers and Viking raiders. And 600 years after the cousin’s war, we still maintain that white roses beat red hands down. What’s more, we’re well placed to celebrate days gone by with world-class museums, stately homes and ancient ruins right on our doorstep.

The shopping

Shopaholics needn’t fret. Yorkshire hosts enough shopping ops to satisfy even the most die-hard of retail addicts. From Meadowhall with ‘everything under one roof’ to something a little more cultured with York’s Shambles, you’ll be hard pressed to find better shopping anywhere else.

The food

You’d be fooled if you thought the humble Yorkshire Pudding was the sole offering from God’s own county. Parkin, Wensleydale cheese, hendo’s and Betty’s tea are all Yorkshire delicacies. Who could want for more?

The scenery

Getting to experience the hustle and bustle of the city centre to the peace and quiet of open countryside in the space of an afternoon? That’s Yorkshire for you! Fancy getting away from it all? Head to the Peak District for fresh air and Nordic walking. Need culture? Head to the medieval city of York. Fancy partying the night away? Sheffield’s cocktail bars are calling your name!