“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”

We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Sheffield Theatres, and we can’t help that think running a theatre show is just like the workings of our Sheffield-based PR agency. Bear with me….

First of all we have the (managing) Director, Caroline. A director typically holds auditions (interviews) to select the acting cast (team members).

They collaborate with the technical crew – in this case, fellow directors – and other supporting staff – account executives, managers and clients – to make the final product come together successfully.

Character motivations and working relationships are carefully observed by the (managing) director, who also leads the team/cast through times of change (whether that be a new running order, a new cast or crew member or scene changes within a performance….).

The stage manager, or office manager in the case of our PR Agency here in Sheffield, coordinates the many aspects of the company to maintain a general smooth running of the performance (/office).

They must have excellent people management skills to aid in managing rehearsals (team meetings), technicians (suppliers), props (printers, laptops) and liaise with the (managing) director.

Just like a stage manager, the office manager needs to have a good understanding of both the technical (the running of the office in terms of IT, equipment, etc.) and artistic (the actual work, the PR) so that they can help the ‘cast’ work on their high standard end product. They will also be on hand to deal with any emergencies or issues that may affect the ‘show’.

Finally onto the real stars of the show, the cast. This can include both lead roles (account directors & managers) and supporting roles (account executives and interns) – all requiring dedication to hit the right ‘notes’ day after day. Performances should be polished and adjusted almost constantly to ensure the best audience (our clients) reaction.

Whether we’re talking about a theatre production or a Yorkshire PR agency, each role is crucial to the final product. Without the director to lead, the ensemble is unsure where it needs to be and indeed where it needs to go next. Without the cast, the director doesn’t have anything to show and without the manager the show would be in darkness!