Why being disruptive can be wholly constructive

As the world starts to emerge from the recent pandemic many businesses are considering what tools and tactics, they can adopt to help get back on their feet following a period of disruption.

Here our MD Caroline considers the role that PR can play in helping to engage with key stakeholders – from employees through to customers.


I read a post on LinkedIn earlier this morning that for a business to survive, its PR needs to be disruptive. I think the thrust of the post was that originality is obsolete, with creativity and innovation taking pole position.

I’ve (partly) built a career on the assumption that the whole world is pastiche, and in some ways that will always stand true. However, we are experiencing a rapidly changing era at present and there’s no question that now more than ever disruption, creativity and innovation are the three pillars we need to adopt – from a public relations perspective or otherwise.

And haven’t we witnessed some such examples of late.

Joe Wicks bringing PE to millions in living rooms across the world; Chester Zoo developing new systems and approaches to accommodate thousands of daily online visitors; Personal trainers taking to Zoom (not gyms) to shout us through our (squats and) paces.

Not to mention the revered fashion house Burberry making scrubs and Giorgio Armani producing hand sanitizer.

In the last few months, our world has moved on exponentially whether we like it or not. After all, creativity and innovation are concepts born out of necessity and lockdown has certainly ensured that.

For any business now starting to dust themselves down and pick themselves back up, we wish them well. But whatever their sector, the PR strategy they adopt will need to duck and dive from here on in to ensure their worth over the coming months, and possibly years.

I say let’s embrace that. Opportunity always follows change, and indeed disruption is the current king of kings and I suspect his reign will continue for some time.

Being flexible and nimble to adapt to this new world of ours is a necessity to help manage, support, and amplify business reputations, and their future success.

Here at MK, and the wider NCGroup, we are well versed in addressing challenges, supporting changing briefs, and maximising communication to best effect to meet the desired business objectives.

We feed off creativity and innovation and we guarantee an open, honest approach. We’re also self-confessed disrupters. But above all else we are here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.