Tips to ensure you stay productive whilst working from home

In response to the most recent guidance set out by The Government, the MK team has taken the decision to practice social distancing as a precautionary measure to ensure that we reduce social interaction and the likely transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

For some, the opportunity to work from home may be the dream they have been waiting for. They can now finally avoid that annoying co-worker who seems to always be chatting and sit in the blissful solitude of their own home.

For others, the idea of working from home may be something they are unfamiliar with and feel quite disconnected with. They may feel discomfort that their manager isn’t beside them to give guidance or have concerns that they will be distracted from their work by not being in a professional environment.

However you feel about working from home, as the world continues to respond to the effects of COVID-19, what seems to be inevitable is that this is something we need be able to adjust to (if applicable), to ensure that we can all carry-on with “Business as usual”.

Therefore, our Communications Assistant, Sadie Cole, has put together some key tips (from the comfort of her dining room table…) to help you transition to be able to work flexibly and remotely to ensure that both you and your team’s productivity remains high, enabling you to continue to achieve successful results.

1. Keep a routine

We can’t stress this enough! If you wake up at 7am to arrive at your office for 9am, don’t suddenly start waking up at 9am! Your whole day will be pushed back, and you’ll likely feel sluggish and unproductive, affecting your motivation for the day ahead.

2. Get dressed

Even if it means putting on your comfiest clothes, just make sure that you don’t stay in pyjamas. The physical act of changing your clothes will trigger your mind to feel ready for the day. Yes ladies, this means putting your bra on even though you’re at home. I know, I know, it just feels wrong, but changing out of your nightwear is imperative to making sure you are in the right mindset to knuckle down and work.

3. Have a designated work space

Whether it be a desk you’ve had in your room since you sat your GCSEs, or a comfy cushioned corner of the dining room, make sure that you set up a quiet space where you are able to focus. This might mean setting boundaries with your family or housemates, such as nobody being allowed in your designated work room during certain hours.

4. Take advantage of your new routine

Working remotely provides you with the chance to mix up your day a bit more. Why not use your lunch break to go for a walk around the park next door? Or make a fresh lunch instead of the meal deal you inevitably end up grabbing every day on your usual commute? If you do decide to leave the confines of your home at lunch, just make sure to wash your hands before you leave and when you return!

5. Communicate with colleagues

It is even more important when working remotely that you keep in contact with your colleagues. Working in isolation does not mean that you need to socially isolate yourself – whether you set up daily Skype calls or have a team WhatsApp group, just make sure that you don’t cut off communication. Now more than ever it is vital that everyone stays in (digital) touch with one another.

6. Allocate your time effectively

Whilst it might be tempting to put a load of washing on or do the hoovering whilst waiting for a client to call you back, switching between work and life tasks will only hamper your productivity. Though it’s not always possible nor desirable to completely split work and home life, having a clear boundary becomes increasingly important when working remotely. Ensuring that you have designated times for designated tasks will allow you to get the most out of your day.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, please remember to stay calm and look after yourself as well as each other.

Our teams are available at any stage should you have questions or concerns regarding communication understanding, updates and plans in response to Coronavirus. Please don’t hesitate to contact the team 0114 275 6784. We will navigate this situation together.