The Six Hats

Recently, I attended a short training course where one of the topics included was the Six Thinking Hats.  This ‘tool’ was designed by Edward de Bono to facilitate effective group (and individual) problem solving and decision making.

As a team, we have many differing qualities, and as I was hearing about the Six Hats, I couldn’t help but think how relevant they were to the world of a PR agency in Yorkshire….

The blue hat, according to the inventor of the theory Edward de Bono, represents MANAGEMENT. A big part of PR is being able to look at the bigger picture whilst still keeping objectives and plans at the forefront.

Next, the white hat. This represents INFORMATION. Or to put it another way, the facts. Whether writing a press release or managing a crisis, facts are king in PR.

Onto the red hat – representing emotions. PR is all about communicating with an audience so the red hat might be seen to encourage us to think about the human element and impact of our message.

Black hat = logical, practical, realistic, AKA the voice of reason.  So much of PR is about being creative – but that creativity sometimes (often) needs to be kept within the realms of reality. The black hat ensures this box is ticked!

Yellow simply stands for optimism and positivity (no coincidence that it is our MK brand colour) -something that goes a long way in any industry, not just PR. When selling your latest story to the press, having a positive attitude can go a long way, not only in terms of your mentality, but theirs too…

The green hat is all about new ideas and creativity – and not being afraid to share these.

Some days, we will wear one of the hats (think: comfort zone…) and other days we will wear them all (think: pushing yourself….)  but either way, it’s good to have this ‘tool box’ in mind for when we’re facing a challenge or have a decision to make.