The importance of culture

Read our latest blog written by our Managing Director, Caroline Woffenden.

During times of crisis driving the right culture is more important than ever in securing the ongoing success of an organisation.

But as many business and HR leaders are currently experiencing, that is not always front of mind – is it not! – when juggling teams, clients and finances while responding quickly to government guidance, customer demands and the views and concerns of our people…

However, change, regardless of circumstance, if unwrapped and evaluated in the right way, should serve to support a successful future. And as managers and team players we all have a responsibility to ensure that we are indeed driving the right culture to allow that to happen.

During times of change it is important to redefine roles and responsibilities among teams, communicating clearly – and via new channels as appropriate – to manage and set expectations. This may include new works areas and / or escalation protocols, for example, ensuring effective and efficient work patterns while operating under new regimes.

Ways of working will inevitably change too, and so that should be readdressed and redefined quickly to further support productivity. This may include guiding principles for remote working, which so many of us are currently balancing, including support on cyber risks.

Enabling people to focus on key works areas, and respecting boundaries, is another point to consider when managing a culture shift. Placing trust, enabling autonomy – within the parameters of job roles is also crucial to maintaining high productivity and job satisfaction. Micromanagement is never a friend to a creative and healthy culture. Too often in times of great strain and pressure we gravitate to the want to do, not the need to do. Keeping yourself and the full team focused on the priorities is a key skill, and fundamental to managing and empowering change and setting culture.

Leadership ultimately is about setting the example and doing the right things, right. It is about commitment and cementing the guiding principles. And during times of difficulty often new leaders emerge…

This recent era may well be the beginning of aligning new work practices in our places of work, to reflect the new dynamics and behaviours – but embrace that. Opportunity often follows change. Be nimble and flexible in every way possible. We may need to reinvent ourselves – but doing so will enable us to thrive – so be open to resetting culture and setting that new benchmark.

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