The Big Bake Off

At MK PR we are kicking of the Season of Giving by donning our aprons and heading to the kitchen to take part in the Helen’s Trust Charity Bake Off Challenge.

Helen’s Trust is our 2015 Charity of the Year, who help the terminally ill stay at home through funding and providing care.

Each week a different member of Team MK with be baking up some tasty treats for the rest of the office but the question remains; whose Victoria sponge will rise to success? Whose crust will crumble under the pressure? We’ll soon see!

Luckily for you, each week you will see the process (whether that be good or bad) that each MK chef goes through in order to come up tops.

Each team member will score their opponent out of ten for appearance, taste and texture and will then donate money to Helen’s Trust equalling whatever they think that pudding is worth.

So who do you think has the tools to whip up the highest score?

Watch this space…