The power of social media in an increasingly digital world

There can be no dispute that social media provides many of us with a great way to network; convey messages; express opinions and keep up to date on news and events – indeed recent figures indicate that over 328 million of us engage on a monthly basis.

But social media doesn’t come without its own health warning.

The YouTube star Jack Maynard was axed from the series of reality show ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’ that aired before Christmas after it emerged that a number of tweets made in 2011.

The right call or a tough call? Are we right to dredge up the past, or should we people make mistakes and that behaviour and attitudes changes over time.

What I posted in my early teens is very difference to what I post today. Celebrity or no celebrity, and my following was, er, nowhere near the numbers of Jack Maynards’s it’s worth noting that 70% of employers now use social media to screen candidates before hiring – so to that point, it’s worth us all keeping front of mind.

Social media, when used in the right way is a great tool for individuals and businesses but it should be treated with caution. As someone once said to me: if you wouldn’t say it to your Granny, don’t say it on Twitter! Good advice.