How training can help YOU be a better version of YOU!

Whilst nowadays it’s increasingly common for people to study for a degree in Public Relations, the truth is that, more often than not, PRs come from a whole host of backgrounds – some seemingly unrelated, in fact.

We all know and love the phrase ‘every day’s a school day’ and I can vouch for the fact that in PR, this definitely is the case. No two days are the same, whether you’re learning something about PR, about one of your clients or about yourself, the learning never stops! Even when you think you know everything about everything, realistically, you definitely don’t – and that’s OK!

Learning on the job is all part and parcel for many of us, with more senior colleagues able to share their words of wisdom, hints and tips and general advice on making it to, the elusive, Friday afternoon. Another option however, and something that could be equally as beneficial, is training courses (and there are lots of great ones ran by CIPR and PRCA).

Whilst there is no ‘PR Bible’ or ‘cheat sheet’, courses are a great way to learn a little more about certain topics. Perhaps you’re struggling to formulate press releases, would like an introduction to account management or to brush up on effective leadership – chances are, there’s a course out there that’ll give you the low down!

External training courses are excellent for getting advice from PR professionals outside of your business – each agency or in-house team will operate in slightly different ways and will have slightly different methods of getting the results they need. Now, whilst we don’t suggest giving away any radical trade secrets, training courses facilitate conversation with like-minded people and it’s a good opportunity to share your tricks of the trade whilst also partaking in activities and discussions facilitated by the course leader.

Even the simplest of ideas, that may never have crossed your mind before, could be uncovered by taking some time away from the desk and really focussing on your own personal and professional development. Whether it’s a formal training course, webinar or networking session there are definite benefits to all and it’s never a bad thing to shake up your routine and try something new now and again!