How To Fuel Your Working Day by Emily Williams

Most people with busy jobs and busy lives find themselves putting food to the bottom of their priority list. However food is fundamentally the most important part of the day (and that’s not just me being greedy). To be focused, productive and healthy eating the right food at the right time is essential. Here’s how we fuel our working days….

8:00 – Breakfast: First comes “The most important meal of the day”.  During a busy morning, it’s easy to let breakfast fall low on your list of priorities, but taking just a few minutes to have something to eat can really make a difference. Whether eaten at home or at your desk, breakfast sets you up for the day and certainly shouldn’t be skipped! An ideal healthy breakfast is porridge oats with almond milk and fruit. Not only is this a healthy option, but porridge is full of slow-releasing carbohydrates meaning you will be fuller for longer. Eggs and brown toast are also a perfect morning meal.

11:00 – Snack: For a healthy metabolism you shouldn’t leave more than three hours between eating!  A snack at 11 will allow you to keep concentration and stop you from clock watching while you wait for lunch time. A good snack would be a piece of fruit, some nuts or wholemeal pita bread with hummus.

13:00 – Lunch: It’s important to try to eat lunch away from your desk, it allows your eyes and mind to have a break and refuel for the afternoon. Varieties of salads, sandwiches or rice are all great, easy meals to make at home and bring into work for lunch.

15:00 – Snack: Everyone is prone to a three o’clock dip, with only a few hours left of your working day time often slows down and productivity waivers. The solution…. food! Just like your mid-morning snack, a piece of fruit, some pita bread or breadsticks with dip are ideal.

18:30 – Dinner: Dinner, or tea (which ever your preference) is our favourite meal of the day and there are a multitude of recipes you can make. You should aim for a balanced meal, with plenty of protein, from meat, fish or other if you’re vegetarian. Carbohydrates like brown rice, wholemeal pasta or sweet potatoes and lots of vegetables!

Remember! It’s important not to skip meals and to eat well in order to maintain a healthy, busy and fulfilling life, but make sure you don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time.