A thrilling (work) experience by Hayley Langton

For many, work experience is viewed as an excuse for employers to have their own personal ‘slave’; someone to bring them tea and coffee, photocopy work and bring them mail. However, from my first experience as an intern I discovered this description couldn’t be more wrong. Working for MK for a week was the most thrilling experience. I couldn’t believe the responsibility and tasks given to me, from calling reporters to helping out on major charity events. It was fantastic to put all the skills I have learnt at university into real life situations and to finally realise all those 9am starts weren’t useless in the end.

Of course I was nervous on my first day. Who wouldn’t be? Having your first hands-on experience in a PR firm is daunting to begin with. However, I was welcomed to MK with open arms; after being shown my desk (I KNOW! I GOT MY OWN DESK!!) I was offered tea and coffee. Then the hard work began. My first task was to write a feature piece about a company called Affecto. Before anyone starts questioning this blog post, this is not a PR stunt and I am not advertising this company, despite my new found PR talent. At first this task caught me off guard as I have never written anything of the sort, however after being briefed on the task and doing some research online I found it enjoyable and exciting.

On top of the task and deadlines set out for me, I was also offered the chance to take part in a CIPR webinar, where I learnt important skills which I will carry with me throughout my PR career. I have also had the change to network and create connections with people, thus enhancing my PR status.

The employees at MK were so caring and thoughtful. Rosie Sobieraj looked after me during my time there. She made sure I was fully briefed on my tasks for the week and that I was happy with the work set. Like the rest of the MK staff, Rosie was always willing to answer any question of mine, therefore not only making me feel comfortable at MK but also part of the team.

I would strongly encourage anyone to take part in work experience! It is the most rewarding and fulfilling week, especially when you realise you’ve found your dream career path just like I did at MK.