Game-changing businesses that have transformed our lives

By Charlotte Dowd, Senior Account Executive

Innovation continues to drive our lives forward and a fresh take on ‘the established norm’ can transform not only a customer’s experience but also entire marketplaces.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs alike need to constantly be on the alert for opportunities to make both incremental improvements and transformational changes to their product or service to stay ahead of the market.

Four companies whose success can be attributed to completely changing the traditional rules of engagement include:


Divide and rule, they call it. But regardless of its divisive qualities, there is no denying that Uber really has conquered. Throughout 2017, 3.5m Londoners used the app in the capital, despite Transport for London removing its operational license in September.

However, with new innovations landing daily – the latest in a string of new updates is its incorporation into Blackberry Messenger – Uber’s ability to adapt and change remains impressive.

The business is planning to launch an appeal against its ban in the UK’s capital this April proving that it certainly isn’t a one hit wonder!

Air BnB

Before Airbnb, travellers depended on generic hotel chains and indistinguishable guest houses – if you wanted something ‘different’ it meant spending a lot more for that bespoke boutique hotel that went the extra mile to create a distinct personality and reflect its surroundings.

But when Airbnb introduced its services, globetrotters were presented with the option to rent characterful affordable houses and apartments and to experience their destination as a ‘local’ rather than a tourist.


The best platform for posting scenic landscape images, selfies and glorious food snapshots (#foodporn), Instagram has ‘changed the way people see the world’ says co-founder Kevin Systrom.

Personal accounts aside, Instagram has revolutionised the way in which businesses communicate with their customers. Companies that rely on the sale of a product – be it food, fashion or flowers – can leverage visual content to give potential customers an insight into both their goods and the company behind them.


It’s hard to remember how single people met each other before dating apps like Tinder existed. Indeed it’s amazing how quickly we’ve adapted to swiping through thousands of potential partners, whether it be whilst half-watching reruns of Friends, or on our journey home from work, to sitting having our hair done, it has never been so easy to ‘swipe’.

With access to thousands of single people at any time, wherever we are, Tinder has definitely changed the way we find a suitable match. But has it really changed the way we think about dating? The answer to that is a resounding, yes! Tinder has made dating easier, more accessible and, indisputably, more casual than ever.

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