Cyber security: IT matters…

Read our latest blog written by our Managing Director, Caroline Woffenden. 

The UK is in the midst of the biggest remote working and schooling experience in history, with millions of us impacted on a daily basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new era brings various changes and challenges, not least given our increased reliance on computer systems, mobile devices, and the internet to conduct remote office work and education.

A self-confessed IT luddite I personally have had to spend time and headspace adopting different ways of working, new technology and cyber security measures. The same will be true for many of us.

As recently highlighted by the work of our client the North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC), over £2million has already been lost to COVID-19 related scams this year, with official Action Fraud figures showing that thousands of people have now fallen victim to such scams. Put simply, it’s important to get your IT house in order when working remotely.

Briefly, and for those of you interested to learn more, NEBRC was launched in November 2019 to help and support businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber to stay protected against cyber-related crime. They offer a wide range of membership levels, both free core membership and paid membership opportunities, enabling businesses, like ourselves, to benefit from the unique level of guidance and expertise. I genuinely can’t recommend them enough (and there’s a network of similar centres across the UK to cover those further afield). For further information visit

As a working mother of two my concern regarding IT measures involves my children as much as my work. Again, I’m sure I talk for many. My four year old can remember every password I set (I rarely can, and am pretty convinced I have spent as much in movies and online games for her as I have wine these past few weeks….) – and my two year old is already more IT savvy than I ever will. This generation are being brought up in a very different world to when I was growing up, but their protections from online crime is as important as any other, not least during such times when online interaction is at an all-time high.

The website offers families support to help children benefit from connected technology and the internet both safely and smartly.

The site offers a host of advice to help children get the most out of their digital world, from age-specific online safety checklists to guides on how to set parental controls on a range of devices, allowing parents and guardians the peace of mind during these challenging times. Again, I can’t champion them enough for their easy to navigate and simple instructions re guidance and advice. For further information visit:

Stay safe all, in every sense.