The Budget – a highlight in one PRD’s calendar

Being a predominantly corporate soul, working largely on B2B accounts for clients operating in the professional services arena, one of the highlights of my work calendar (I am somewhat embarrassed to divulge) is the annual Spring Budget.

After all, with it comes endless opportunities for expert commentary, as many leaders within their perspective fields quickly digesting and disseminating advice on how to tackle the inevitable changes ahead.

What will stamp duty increases or decreases mean for the housing market?; how do cuts to corporation tax impact local businesses?; what will a sugar tax mean for UK-based manufacturers?; and how will plans to force all schools to become academies impact the quality of education on offer?

But for me, and others like me, the excitement doesn’t come the morning of the Budget itself. Oh no! For us studious PR pros looking to jump on the expert comment media bandwagon, the planning and the preparation often starts weeks, if not months, in advance.

And 2017 has proved no exception.

This year I have taken a particular shine to all things employment law. There are no end of announcements expected on March 8th, not to mention updates on the many proposals that were discussed during the Budget and Autumn Statement 2016 that are yet to be formally introduced.

It’s a subject matter that impacts just about every company and individual on some level, and so is one of those topics that seems to get people interested – whether they are in charge of a large corporation employing in excess of 250 people, or a small, independent organisation.

Key issues expected to be addressed this year include minimum wage date changes, foreign workers visa fee increases, gender pay gap reporting timings and salary sacrifice scheme overhauls. And that’s before we’ve even touched upon new governing legislation for collecting and processing personal data which is due to come into force next year, changes to Strike Law or the changes to exit payments within the public sector.

And whilst my particular leaning this year has led me to working predominantly with those businesses within my portfolio that operate in the legal sector, because of the breadth and depth of the topics that are raised as part of the annual budget I will go on to work with all of my clients – all experts within their individual fields – to keep their clients informed and up to date on what’s what.

And my interest (or subsequent services) surrounding this particular annual event doesn’t end there!

In addition to the more thought-led advisory articles and press releases, the MK team also helps to manage social media updates, produce content for web inclusion in the blogs or news sections, as well as stakeholder bulletins or publications that provide additional insight and support – all helping to contribute to a myriad of objectives (which, inevitably, vary from business to business).