BBC Radio Sheffield – Case Study

Us PRs occasionally do like to get away from our desks and this week saw us venture down to one of our local radio stations, BBC Radio Sheffield.

First broadcast in 1967, BBC Radio Sheffield is a cornerstone for local and regional news, so what better way to find out a bit more about how they work than to pop in for a chat.

Shown around by the lovely Helen Bailey, one of the broadcast journalists and producers, we found out more about how the newsroom operates, what kinds of news they look for and even got a tour around the radio booths (where we caught Paulette Edwards live on air!)

Journalist meetings are an invaluable way to build up relationships with the local press, and to also ensure that any press releases or stories ideas we send over to them are tailored to what their audience is interested in – it’s the best way of increasing the chance of coverage for our clients!

Here at MK, we’re proud to be based in Sheffield and to work closely with the local press in the Steel City.