A well-oiled machine…

By Sarah Dutton

It’s 8am on a Monday morning, and I’m looking around the MK office at exposed bricks and bright yellow paint: it screams creative agency, but without being cliched or contrived. This building used to be home to the no-doubt hardworking Alfred Beckett and Sons Steel, Saw and File Works and now it’s home to the hardworking MK team, who by comparison, probably have it easy! The names of both MK and Beckett are displayed at the entrance – a nod to the past, the present and the future.

For now, everything is quiet at MK… But the team is starting to arrive and the kettle is boiling away. The day’s papers have landed, and are carefully (and quickly) reviewed for relevant news.

Kelham Island, Sheffield is home to new property developments and a growing number of new businesses, so it’s easy to forget, architecture aside, that it was once a major player in Sheffield’s industrial past. Yet in many ways, MK still operates like an industrial hub. Our ‘raw materials’ – the news, the clients, the creativity – enters early each morning, moving through various stations, where the team, each playing their part, produce the finished product and present it to the ‘end user’. Machine-like, yes. But robotic, no. The office goes through phases each day of buzzing with activity and phases where close and careful concentration is required by all. A little after 6pm the office gradually empties. In just a few hours, all will return and the cycle will begin again.