Corporate Social Responsibility at Christmas – by Rosie Sobieraj

Christmas is a time for giving – whether that’s sending presents to family and friends or popping your loose change in a charity tin, it is often the season to be a little bit more generous.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key component in any business hoping to have a positive impact upon society. By providing support -whether financial or by offering expertise free of charge – businesses can help charitable organisations hugely.

Here at MK, our ‘Charity of the Year’ 2015 is Helen’s Trust – a Derbyshire-based charity giving people with terminal illness the opportunity to stay at home. We have also supported a number of other charities throughout the year including Whirlow Hall Farm Trust and Roundabout. Having a CSR policy in place has a positive impact not only on those who benefit directly (e.g. charities and community groups) but also within the organisation – particularly in terms of staff morale.

Here at MK, we try to get creative when it comes to CSR. Here are some of the ways we’ve given in 2015….


‘Dress down’ days throughout the year, a dress-up day for Halloween, and a Christmas Jumper Day. Small individual contributions can soon add up.

We put our baking skills to the test in a ‘bake off’ – Paul and Mary not nearly as scary as our judges!

Christmas card ‘amnesty’ – instead of sending cards around the office for Christmas 2015, we’ve all agreed to donate something to charity (plus, imagine the time saved on writing them!). We must admit though, we’re still expecting a visit from Secret Santa…..

Sharing our time and skills

Our MD ‘leads from the top’ in this sense, acting as trustee for a number of charities.

All MK team members are encouraged to take a day out of the office each year to support a charity of their choosing.

Using our social media platforms, and digital marketing skills, to raise awareness of the various charities that we support

How do you ‘do your bit’ at Christmas, and throughout the year?