Being Organised 101 – by Laura Hutchinson


Sometimes an idea will come to you at the most random of moments; whenever it is or whatever it is.. take note! Even if it’s a quick snap on your phone, capture it and when you next see it you will remember that little bit of creativity and inspiration. The biggest ideas will often come from the smallest things.


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” I can feel my most organised, have all my notes ready to read, feel on-top of my lists but if the information is just sat waiting you’ll never make a breakthrough. PLANNING is key, I am not the most naturally organised of people (ask Team MK)  but one thing that I know is if it have a plan I will get there!


Lists are useless unless you know what your priorities are. It sounds so simple but writing a list with the most important or time pressing things at the top will not only help you to get what you need to get done first, but you will actually start to enjoy getting down that list and ticking things off one by one. Satisfaction at its very best!


If you have a bad memory or you can get caught up and stick you head into something for a few hours and lose all perception of time you might want to set some reminders on your phone. If you feel overwhelmed with things to do and forget to check your to do list, it happens and let’s face it at what point of the day do we forget to check our phones? It’s a back-up and that little buzz will send you straight back on track.