A PR checklist for events

By Chrissie Lewis, Junior Account Exec

So the big day has arrived… the event you have been working so hard to finalise each and every last detail for is here. You’ve organised exactly who needs to be there and when down to the second and now it’s time for you to really shine…

But before you do…have you got your Wrigley’s, your Sure, and your spare sheer tights (girls only)? No? We’ve been there too!

Here’s our checklist for what you might, very unexpectedly, need in your big event survival kit:

First things first: Freshness

Last minute boxes to shift? Guests to greet on the opposite side of the event? Urgent message for the media team?

Things might start to get a little hot and hectic in the running of the night…with a can of antiperspirant within reaching distance you can be sure you will be kept fresh and confident throughout the night.
And it’s always best to put others needs before your own, so if you have a spokesperson who is in need of a minty lift to prepare them for their interview, its best to have trustee pack of gum or mints to hand!

Make it tight
In the whizz and whirl of the action, more often than not, you will find yourself rushing around; from managing press and liaising with the public, to assisting the photographer with that hero shot.

In your haste, you may well find your lovely M&S sheer tights, have a tiny…oh no…rapidly growing ladder. Liaising with press and spokespeople with a ladder in your tights is a little embarrassing to say the least. So just pop a spare pack of tights in your handbag. You will thank us later!

A dash of confidence
This one is a little subjective, it might be your favourite tie, your new Maybelline lipstick, a pair of killer heels, or even a lucky charm, but something that gives you that extra little boost might just be the thing that helps you to breeze through any difficult moments.

Let’s get down to business
If there are one hundred guests or one, show them what a flawless job you are doing because you never know who is watching! No business card? That could be a potential contact or new business lead lost. Carry a business card, or three, in your pocket (bag/purse, you get the jist) and the world is suddenly your oyster again.

It can be a little too easy when balancing your time between press and guests to forget that all your hard work is paying off. Stick to the plan, make sure you and those around you are fully briefed, and enjoy it. A smile and sense of enthusiasm will give an event that buzz you were dreaming of…

So there you have it, our MK survival guide for the most organised of event organisers.